"Partnering with Concentrus helped ensure a very swift implementation and proved instrumental in getting us a more focused service and ongoing advice on best practice. It gave us the extra peace of mind for a smooth go-live and experts on call to help deal with a new system." 

Elyas Balta, CEO

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"Consolidating data from various countries with each running different finance systems was quite time consuming; it took two to three days a month to bring all the data together and present current figures. With Concentrus's assistance NetSuite has made that financial consolidation problem go away, now it barely takes half an hour."

Vincent Huang, President

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"My experience with Concentrus has been top notch. They have been very responsive and professional. I know I'm in good hands when working with Concentrus."

Robbie Herold, IT Manager

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“Concentrus focused on understanding our some of our critical business processes.  Concentrus helped us to establish a process map framework and root cause analysis to solve our growth challenges.  From this analysis, Concentrus helped us build a solution by customizing NetSuite to our most critical need. The solution increased efficiency and reduced barriers to growth. They creatively solved our challenges in NetSuite by delivering the end product on time and on budget as promised from the start.”

Ray Jones, SVP Information Technology


“Building the next-generation Media and Entertainment VAR is exciting but challenging. To be competitive today and deliver the extremely high level of customer experience that we strive for, we require instant access to every aspect of our organization. Through NetSuite’s technology and Concentrus’ highly skilled team, Annex Pro is perfectly positioned to achieve our future goals!”

Kerry Corlett, Founder and CEO

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“Concentrus did a great job of helping us align the technology we had in place (NetSuite) with our company vision. The team took the time to listen and understand what I was looking for, and went the extra mile by helping us identify other areas of improvement in our business. They provided some very insightful suggestions to improve our customer follow up processes. Now, we can better prioritize our customer communications and track our customer follow ups. I also really appreciated that they kept us in the loop the entire time - no hidden charges and our solution was completed on time.”

Ken Curry, Vice President

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No one ever asked us ‘well why are you doing it that way’ before. Our internal team needed someone to challenge our business processes, and Concentrus had the knowledge to back it up. To me, that is just as valuable as having the skill to use and implement NetSuite.”

Brandon Martin, IT Manager

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“Concentrus took the time to understand our challenges and our business objectives and helped us to not only streamline our sales process, but greatly improve our ability to leverage information and the Netsuite platform to achieve our objectives."

Omar Al-Midani, President


Pocket Testament League

In business, do you like to let other people drive? Most of us don’t. Especially when it is important. We were celebrating our 125th Anniversary. You can imagine our pause to turn over the reins to someone else. Yet we had no experience for the planning and execution of such an event. We needed an excellent project manager that was sensitive to cost. Letting Concentrus lead was the best decision we made.

Concentrus did an outstanding job.They listened well and understood our vision, and they worked excellently with our own team. From the event planning and execution, to contract negotiations with a myriad of vendors, to overall project management, Concentrus exceeded all of my expectations. Their experience yielded an amazing, and yet agile, team.

I was amazed at the quality they delivered, at a cost profile I would never have been able to achieve. Their project management vision kept in full view all we needed to do, so there were no surprises."

David Collum, CEO

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