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- About the Company -

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Dental Supplies Manufacturer and Distributor 



- Customer Objective -

PureLife wants to streamline the sales process so that they could keep up with a higher volume of orders and meet strict industry regulations without disrupting the customer experience. 

“Concentrus took the time to understand our challenges and our business objectives and helped us to not only streamline our sales process, but greatly improve our ability to leverage information and the Netsuite platform to achieve our objectives.”

- Omar Al-Midani, President, PureLife

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- How Concentrus Helped  -

  • Purelife_2.pngCreated customer dashboard with all the customer information they needed in one place. 

  • Enabled sales people to digest key information within seconds on their sales calls.

  • Reduced clicks to get to order from history information.

  • Made it easier to see fast moving items.